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Webinar from Pioneer Network – Spring 2014

Strategies for Implementing A Fall Prevention Program that Works

Webinar Presented on April 10, 2014

According to the Centers for Disease Control, a resident fall in a nursing home costs on average $9,100 to $13,500. In 2008, Empira, a Minnesota consortium of skilled nursing homes, implemented a program to prevent and reduce resident falls in fifteen of their homes. The Empira fall prevention program is a combination of nationally recognized evidence-based, fall prevention practices and practical applications from the most recent research findings. Empira, however, challenged many of the standards of practice for reducing falls, and in so doing, achieved an average 31 percent reduction in the prevalence of resident falls.

This webinar covered the process and outcomes of Empira's fall prevention program including how those homes became alarm-free, restraint-free, with corrected bed heights (no low beds), no floor mats and the cautionary use of gripper socks. Participants heard how they included the skills, knowledge, participation and commitment of all staff rather than it being a "nursing only" program. Information about how to implement this program and start reducing resident falls in your home was shared.

About the Presenter

Sue Ann Guilderman, Director of Education and Quality Improvement at Empira, has over thirty-five years of experience providing education, leadership and consultation to non-profit and for-profit long-term care organizations. She is a Registered Nurse with a BA and MA in communication and adult education. Sue Ann has been responsible for the education of the leadership, management and direct care staff of Empira's homes and oversaw the implementation of the Fall Prevention Program. She also currently teaches in the School of Public Health at the University of Minnesota and recently received a Minnesota Care Providers Association award for "recognition of her outstanding leadership in educational programming.